Saturday, November 19, 2011

USC vs Oregon

Once again, especially given last week, I expected a rout.
It sort of was, but we mostly routed ourselves in the 4th quarter. Previous to that point, USC scored 21 points smack out of the gate. Recovered a fumble right before the half. Blocked a punt right after. Barkley was on fire. That was nice.
Of course, next to those images are the shots of our guy jumping up and down on their running back. And then cheating a touchdown in. And taunting the fans. So that wasn't good.
On the other hand, that play was totally holding and pass interference. And the line judge at the end zone REALLY needs to get his eyes checked. Seriously.
On the other hand, we can't even hold onto the ball - sometimes at the MOST inopportune moments.
On the OTHER hand, dude biffed the field goal to tie the game. Wow.
Final score;
USC: 38
Oregon: 35

This is me and that was amazing.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm a big fan of USC right now for knocking Oregon off the leader board. :) Makes me happy! Congrats on the win!

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