Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It Should Make Him More Aware Of His Surroundings...

As you may have noticed my posting this year has not been as stellar as other years. Timing and scheduling have not been my friends. I'm thinking of sending them a fruit basket by way of a bribe and maybe they might be nicer to me in the next eight weeks.
Still, I am game to try this NaBloPoMo thing again. It's a great exercise for writing, I can usually come up with something to say - you might get some really random stuff, today for example - and it's an achievable goal, so when everything else is falling apart and people start canceling on my Christmas program - which has happened already - I can feel good about posting every day for a month.
Today's subject; Tarzan's eyebrows.
Usually they are a very benign substance. They aren't bushy or sharp, there's no threat of a uni-brow, they're the same color as his hair and they stay in place. But every few months I notice that one of two of the hairs have gotten really, REALLY long. Long enough he can pull them straight and look at them. Long enough he can poke himself in the eye with them. And they always seem to come from the same area of his eyebrow. Not the middle, or the inner side, but right above the fourth lash from the edge of his eye, that's how precise it is.
Is that uniquely freaky or do other people's husbands have the same situation?

This is me and it's day one of thirty.


Anonymous said...

Must be a genetic thing. His mum has/had a wild hair that grew outta her cheek. Got to be an inch long when she discovered it and yanked the thing right out.

Master P said...

Um. I don't think so. Although once I went with dad to get his hair cut and the guy trimmed his eyebrows. I was shocked, but them it looked really good. His had gotten to the old-man phase where they stood OUT.

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