Monday, November 28, 2011

Noticed In The Bathroom Mirror

Whenever someone in a movie or on TV brushes their teeth I comment that they must not be using real toothpaste because there isn't any foam. (I'm a stickler for details like that.)
Then, this weekend, as I was brushing my teeth at Tarzan's parents house I noticed *I* wasn't getting any foam. Same technique, same brush, same toothpaste as I use at home. Different results. And again in the shower; my shampoo just didn't have it's
usual suds. By that point I was paying attention and tried to make lather. It took some effort and it wasn't as airy.
Does anyone know if it's an altitude thing? Or an ocean thing?
Last night though, as I was getting ready for bed, my toothpaste was super foamy and that made me feel better.

This is me and things are back to normal now.


Elizabeth said...

lol...I love this update so much...

Maybe it's the water? Hard water vs soft water?

MamaSmith said...

Yup, probably hard water. That's how I can tell I need to put salt in the softner, nothing lathers right.

Cathie said...

Ugh, that drives me crazy, too! No foam, no spitting, no rinsing...only in the movies do they brush so tidily.

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