Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marathon Week - The Conclusion

Saturday started early with the entire house emptying out the back gate, with all three cars in three different directions in less than 5 minutes all before 8:00 in the am. It was a study in localized maneuvering.
I was taking ATL to work, Tarzan was off to a service project - cleaning a local park - that was subsequently postponed because of the previous night's rain but he didn't know that at the time, and MusicMan went to visit his sister who lives not far from us. Tarzan and I met up with them for lunch, after which we needed to return the rental car, make it back to our house so I could get my car then pick up the visual aids I needed for a lesson today at a place on the complete opposite side of town from where ATL works, fetch ATL, and food for dinner. (Do you like how Tarzan's father was here for four nights and I didn't cook for him even once?)
AND it was game day for two local schools so traffic was not our friend in any direction.
Once we got it all collected it was home to watch our own game and then to bed because today was church. We didn't have early meetings which was good because Tarzan had to drive his father to the airport sort of early - I couldn't drag my sorry self out of bed to even say good-bye. I hope he forgives me - then we picked up two sets of individuals and off to church. It was a mostly normal Sunday except for the last hour when I taught the adults about emergency preparedness and the Home Storage Center and how being prepared helps us not be afraid and thus free. It's a subject which is very important to me and I was happy to help out.
The people who usually help out with the children too young for Primary were not there and the one mother who was substituting for me also plays the piano for the singing, Tarzan had his own class to teach and I was running two steps behind.
It's a position I know well.
In the end it all worked out. I talked too much but I received a number of compliments about my clarity and passion, so I'm not going to worry about the time and take away that I did an adequate job. I got a laugh when I said I'd feel more comfortable if they'd kick their neighbor or take off their shoes once or twice since I was used to teaching children and not grown-ups.
After we returned the people we had carted to church, I developed this urge to roast vegetables for dinner, which tastes good and sounds simple but is very labor intensive. So we ate late and huddled down to avoid the three trick-or-treaters who came by.
Ours is not a popular street owing to the high volume of traffic and lack of houses. There have been years when no one has come by despite us having lights and candy aplenty.
All the planning in the world goes out the door the minute the action starts. Oy.

This is me, Happy Halloween everybody. I'm going to bed.

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