Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm sure there's more

Maybe I'm naive - well, I AM naive - but it seems awfully hypocritical to complain and berate developers who are building tract homes too close together and too close to their friend's house when all we build are crappy homes too close to other people. When it's our project that might be shut down or threatened then we're all over the city council to let us build "sorely needed" living spaces for old or poor people, darn the consequences, the view and the neighbors. BUT when it's our friends who's view will be impeded, and not our client building the houses then it's a crime and they're so right to complain to the city and get lawyers and all the rest of it. (By "we" I mean the office. The boss has been after me to stop saying "I" and "me" when referring to office projects. I see his point but it seems weird to say "We'll get back to you after we show [the boss] the sketch" when it's just me doing the showing and the emailing.) Just one more thing I don't understand about people in this profession.
I wonder if I have pneumonia. There's this feeling in my chest, like when you have a cold and have to cough, but I don't have a cold and when I cough nothing happens. Looking it up on WebMD suggests I have heartburn or coronary artery disease. Hmmm.
Loving this blog. I started with the beginning, so I'm still back in 2001. Hopefully it turns out okay! :) Thanks Girl for introducing us.

This is me on Thursday.

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Rocketgirl said...

Aww, I've been reading spacemuppet since the beginning, loong time ago! He's a great writer and is living life like mad. I've got lots of favorites in the blog world, it's my addiction:)

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