Monday, March 05, 2007

Every Day

Do my eyes deceive me? Did I really post every day last week? Why yes, yes I did. I'm so proud of me. It feels good that I have enough stuff, in a life I often consider uneventful, to write a decent entry for five days in a row. And also proud that I remembered to do it. I hate the feeling of forgetting to do stuff. Procrastination is com-PLETE-ly different. Then I know what it is I'm not doing. :)
The weekend was productive, if not exciting. Roto-Rooter came to unclog the kitchen sink (does it really make sense to have the garbage disposal in the sink if it's not going to grind stuff small enough to go down the drain?) The appraiser came by to take pictures for the refinancing. I got the bushes in the front yard trimmed FINALLY so they aren't like some dark monster stretching out to eat people in the street. It also gave the orange tree some room to breathe. I did the dishes, the laundry, dusted, hauled out all the pictures that we have collected, framed and hung them all, and worked on my moonlighting projects. (This was all by 2:00pm) Then I got groceries and cat food and had time to make dinner in a timely fashion (before 7:00 as is the norm during the week.) Watched Dance With Me (the 1998 version, who knew there were four movies with the same name?) which had a surprising amount of dancing in it. Even if you don't like the plot, you have to give Vanessa Williams credit for the amount of time and effort she had to put in to learning professional style Ballroom and Latin dance. It's tough stuff.
Sunday was special in that we had a large conference for the congregations of our church in the area. It's not a "day off" of church so to speak, because we still go and listen and learn but *I* didn't have to prepare or teach anything and that's rare for me these days. So even church was relaxing. No meetings and/or firesides that evening so we totally vegged out in the afternoon, read, slept. Got to go to bed early even, so I got to work on time today - major miracle. I hope the rest of the week can be as good.

This is me gearing up.

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Rocketgirl said...

Woohoo!! I know one girl who appreciated all the updates! And booya for being so productive. I however, am not as much. Oh man, I am never going to be able to live without a maid, seriously!

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