Thursday, March 08, 2007

Age Issues

Heh, I just got propositioned by a landscape architect. Not that they are better or worse than other architects but it's amusing. He's also 20 years older than me. That seems to be the age group I attract. (Should I be freaked out?) It's not just today, or even just work. Tarzan and I were at a concert one summer in Upper Jungle, his sister was at a violin camp (go here to read her account of the weekend) that played at the festival. Tarzan was dancing with PrincessReva or her friend and I was watching. This (fairly old) guy came over to ask me if I would dance with his shy older(!) brother. It was a foxtrot, no biggie, but he had such a good time he gave me passes to a movie he had worked on (produced or something)...I was flattered naturally but why 70-somethings? Why not 30-somethings? I had another architect tell me I was "older than my years." Great... Is that why I don't get hit on but guys my own age? Not that I'm looking for an adoring public per se, once in a while it might be nice to get a whistle or something.

But whatever. I have Tarzan, who is dealing blackjack these days for charity events and parties, in addition to teaching high school and umpiring Little League baseball. He do keep busy. Heh, why is it that a monkey suit brings out the best in a guy? It's just fancy pants and a bow tie...that must be it, the bow tie because the boy do look gooood in a tuxedo!!

This is me loving the monkey suit.

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