Friday, March 02, 2007

Big Relief

So, I'm not dying after all. :) Apparently I had some food stuck way down in my esophagus because I'm not chewing as thoroughly with this new crown. (It's true, I can't grind as finely as I did before. I think I need to go back to the dentist and see if they can file it down a bit more.) WAY more than you wanted to know right? I am SUCH a hypochondriac.
Friday again...each day crawls and the weeks seem endless but here we are in March with 9 months, 4 weeks and 1 day to go. It's passing...though not nearly fast enough. I suppose come next December it will feel it's gone by quick. It'll be okay, there are tons of things to look forward to before then. Like next weekend we're going out to my parent's house in The Desert for one of my sister's birthdays. Then there's Daylight Saving Time. Most people don't like turning the clocks ahead in the spring but I do because then the sun is still up when I finally get to leave work. There's Easter. And then there's May. May is going to be such a party month this year. First Tarzan and I get to go hang in The Rockies with all his siblings and spouses. There'll be fun galore going on. Sushi parties and an evening out to see Wicked, babies to spoil and alpine sliding, go-karts and the hot tub. So, so, SO excited for that long weekend. Then the very next weekend I get to go to Middleton for the graduation of one of my dearest friends. He was at USC for a time, then a Big Apple dot com mogul, then he lived in Steelville (close to Falling Water which I got to visit in person - it was spectacular!) and then a student again at St. John's College in Middleton. Well he's done and I think the original 'Four' will meet up with the additional 'Two' to become the 'Six' and we'll be together again for the first time in probably ten years. Again, we see each other in parts fairly frequently but never as the total organism. (Plus, I get to stop and see my brother and his family in Albuquerque.) And by the time all that is over with it'll be 6 months and change.
I don't understand people that don't like animals. One doesn't have to snorgle them, have parties and dress them up, or even own one to appreciate that pictures like this are adorable. (Or this, this, this and this.) But Tarzan doesn't like animals. For him, an animal is a snack. This is a point on which we can not agree. I suppose it runs in his family. My family has always had pets. Mostly cats, but I love all animals. They're so cute when they're babies and there's the whole looking-after-them-responsibility thing I philosophized on when Barbaro died. Part of Tarzan's dislike comes from the fact that I bleed when one of our five cats scratches me. (Yes, we have 5 cats. Three are strictly outdoor cats and the other two are small. Runts of the litter I suspect. But I digress...)I love him for caring so much for me. But what then would possess the man to shriek at the cat WHEN I AM HOLDING HER? Gah. Now my right arm is a mass of red marks and scabs. Doesn't hurt anymore, but it's a little unnerving for clients when they shake my hand. I can see their tiny minds wondering what I do in my off hours.

This is me no longer hurting.

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Rocketgirl said...

Wait, Tarzan still doesn't like animals?? I figured when he let you have all those cats that he'd converted and the dislike-of-animals gene had passed him by. Wow girl, you SO have him whipped, congratulations!!! And umm.... how does one get food stuck in their esophagus??? Good golly, aren't you supposed to puke when something is in there??? Gah, glad that's solved. now chew, woman!!

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