Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why, why, why?

This is going to sound really dumb, but I lost my swimsuit. It's not like I NEED it right now or anything but I was mentally packing to go to The Rockies (yes I know it's still 2 MONTHS away) and I realized I hadn't seen it since we went to Mexico last November. Normally this would not be a cause for concern. You wouldn't think it to look at my house (my desk, my closet or my car) but I am organized. (I AM!) I know where stuff is and I can pull it out when I need it. So I went to my dresser to find my suit. And it wasn't where I was sure I had put it. So I emptied the drawer. Not in there. Emptied the two adjacent drawers...nothing. Now I was getting worried. Perhaps you think I am getting awfully worked up over a silly swimsuit that I won't even use for two months, but you don't understand! This was a good suit. It was brand new since we bought it on our cruise and I LOOK HOT IN IT!! This is not a usual occurrence. Seriously. My body is not made for spandex - it's a truth universally acknowledged. But this suit was awesome. Nothing fancy, nothing gross, just plain black with a aquamarine stripey pattern on the bust. It totally worked for me though!! And now I can't find it. I looked in the suitcases, I looked in the closet (even though I would NEVER put it in there), under the bed, in the laundry room, behind the dryer (found 3 socks). Where else is there? I'm nearly positive that it couldn't have been left in Swampland because the sad part is it never even got wet. We lounged in the sun on vacation but didn't really swim, so I hadn't even christened it (meaning I didn't have to hang it in the bathroom to dry anywhere), and now it's lost. *sniff* I really liked that swimsuit. Tarzan says to just buy another but I don't think I will ever find one I liked as much as that one. Plus I REALLY HATE to lose stuff. I feel stupid. And what if I do buy another and then I find it? Then I'll feel REALLY stupid. And I don't swim often enough to justify two swimsuits anyway.

This is me looking.

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matheson clan said...

I think you should buy a new suit, Jane. It's one of the laws of the universe that as soon as you buy a replacement for anything, the original is suddenly found again. So buy the new suit, your perfect one will show up and then you can return the replacement! :)

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