Saturday, March 10, 2007

Everywhere I Go These Days

Babies are busting out all over! Got a call at 2am that my sister in law in Middleton had her baby - a little girl - at 11:50pm on Friday, March 9th, 8lbs. 8ozs and everyone is doing fine. Interesting about the date; this gives the first granddaughter - and our first neice - the same birthday as my third sister. (The one that lives with me and Tarzan while she's going to school.) I'm surprised you didn't hear her when I told her the news this morning! :)
---->"With all the other days in the month wide open and all the other free months of the year we really don't have to start doubling up yet do we?"<--- sayeth she. Heh. It's true, I wonder what was going on last June? ;) Or why some months are just inundated and others have nary a celebration at all? January is swamped, June is outrageous, March is becoming cramped and yet, July through September we got nothin'. Timing is everything peeps!

This is me Aunt for the second time in two weeks!

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The Nelson Family said...

How I love reading your blog!!! We try and keep it a little simple in our house with the birthdays.....we have got March,April,May,July and September covered......if this baby comes late we could get a June.....I might pull a mom though and have 2 kids with the same birthday.....wouldn't that be funny!!!

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