Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Little Squishy Junior

I'm an aunt again!!! Yay! My sister and her husband who live on The Other Side Of The World had the baby last night - we think. (It might have been early this morning. Stupid eight hour time difference.) BUT! They had a boy (they didn't want to know earlier), 9lbs 3oz and mother and baby are doing fine. That's all I know right now. My sister's sister-in-law called my parent's house late last night and spoke to my sister there (are you confused yet?) and then my mom called me this morning. I'm gonna call at lunch time here (evening there) and see if I can get some more details. They hadn't picked a name at Christmas and they may not have one still.
So, I read this yesterday. I don't think it's very accurate. My favorite color is Blue. I'm hardly the outgoing, tell-everyone-what-I'm-feeling or wanting kind of girl. I frequently run out of things to say, especially to new people. Tarzan's favorite color is Green. He has a good heart, but he doesn't exactly put the greater good before his own...He looks after his own and screw the rest of the world. (And he's TOTALLY the bodice-ripping kind.) Both my parents' favorite color is Red, and they think things through ad nauseaum. THEY are greater good kind of people.
Yay! PrincessReva is back! I missed her.
In the continuing saga of my teeth, I went in for the (hopefully) last appointment for a loooooooong while yesterday. The installation of the permanent crown was very anti-climatic. No Novocaine, no upside down-ness, not even many "open wider please-es." Got my teeth cleaned too. After I got home I was convinced something was wrong because it hurt to chew and felt like something was stuck between the teeth. Today it's better. Still feels high, but maybe it will settle into place?
Okay, having spoken with the new grandmother (brother-in-law's mom) I have more information. It's a boy, 9lbs 3 ozs, 21 inches, brown hair and no they don't have a name as yet. We're not sure of the time either. It was 2:40 this morning over there which means last night here? They're probably coming home tomorrow or today...or yesterday...(curse these time zones!) Every body's fine and they will be sending pictures as soon as they have some. Fairly short labor - they left for the hospital late last night and three hours later - baby!

This is me, Aunt Jane for the second time.


matheson clan said...

But I don't have one favorite color but like 'em all equally, so what does that mean? Maybe that just makes me confused! :) And as for being confused about time zones, I love this site: [] It's awesome! Grats on being an aunt again!

Rocketgirl said...

Congrats autie! And thanks for the love, it's good to be back:) Did you get the e.mail I sent - and do you have any idears?? I'm so excited to see you!!!

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