Friday, November 01, 2013

Rock Of Ages

Yes. Yes, it was released last year (2012) and this year - 2013 - is almost over and I only just saw Rock of Ages.
But it did not disappoint.
Now, lest you think otherwise, there is no deep plot line - no plot at all actually; chick falls off the bus into the arms of the guy who will solve all her problems - but who went to this film for the plot?
*I* went for the fabulous soundtrack - and it really was fantastic. Songs from Journey, Def Leppard, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, was an 80's dream. And the stars sang their own songs and did a decent job. I was pleasantly surprised with Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin. (Some of the others, Catherine, had proven themselves before and others were there just because they could sing.)
I thought the stars who had lived through the 80's were more personable in the film than those who weren't born for the decade the first time through. The younger ones played it straight and didn't let any of the humor and fun seep in. I got the distinct impression Russell Brand lives like his character ALL the time; he was so comfortable and easy in the role.
So no deep meaning, but a lot of really great songs and some really cool people rocking out.

This is me and now I want to rock!

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Master P said...

I never even heard about this one! Thanks for the tip!

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