Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Halloween is over and so, naturally, the store shelves are stuffed with Christmas paraphernalia and candy.
I get that there is a limited number of shopping days, what with Thanksgiving being so late this year, to get the commercialism on, so I suppose from the retailer's side it makes sense, and really, what should be on display for the season of thanks and selflessness anyway?
Other than pumpkin and marshmallows, I can't think of a thing.
I am thankful and though it doesn't require purchasing large quantities of similarly colored items, I would like to share my three kernels this year:
  1. Tarzan. Always Tarzan. He has had such a year; with school and the new principal and the growing pains, and genealogy and the kids at school and the Academic Decathlon and, of course, the bishop thing, he takes a lot of crap, he deals with a lot of crap - and yet he still believes in the goodness of people. He still hopes people will choose the right. He still works hard, and wants to do good. He's a good man, a smart man, a kind man. And he's mine.
  2. The gospel of Jesus Christ. I have met, seen, interacted, overheard, so many people this year who do not know what they are doing in life. They don't have a plan, they worry about things they don't have to, they don't believe in anything more than the dreary life they are slogging through. They aren't happy. I am thankful that I know and I wish more people knew that they were searching so when they meet it they'd recognize it.
  3. Music. I love music. I don't have the musical skillz and analysis that certain people I am related to do, but I love it. Classic rock, classical; I like the Top 40 sometimes, and other times I listen to country. Judge me, go ahead, but music is fun and I love the mood adjustment it can bring. It can bear a testimony, convey a feeling that words aren't good enough to handle and just makes everything better.
This is me wishing you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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