Thursday, November 07, 2013

'Tis The Season

I know it's a totally random day for this but I am barely squeaking this one in under the wire - I'll explain that more tomorrow - and it's really hard to get deep and philosophical while laying in bed, typing with one finger on the iPad mini (did I mention that after one tiny comment in a random post last year, that Tarzan bought me an iPad mini for Christmas?!) Mostly because the buttons are not where they look like they are on the blogspot dashboard and I have to chase them around looking for what I want and making it go back and try again.
Some of the things I am thankful for that I do not use a kernel on at the table on Thanksgiving:
- the gorgeous weather here in the Jungle. A friend is moving to North Dakota this weekend and I do not envy him a bit.
- cinnamon. The smell, the taste, the bite. It's good stuff.
- libraries. And all the books that come from them. One of the biggest treats to come from this iPad mini is the books at my fingertip all the time. I have probably read more this year than any other since before college because any line at the store or red light can be used to grab a few lines.
- hot chocolate and marshmallows. Enough said.
- fingernail clippers. So annoying at how often I break a nail; I snap or crack or split one all the time. It's nice to be able to trim off the jagged edge quickly and move on.
- our bed. Tarzan and I bought a high queen-size bed with a pillow top mattress shortly after we got married and it has been a glorious thing. (We might regret not getting a king-size occasionally because Tarzan is so long but mostly not at all.) We're still sleeping on it and if that's gross I'm sorry but we love it and it has been the reason we've gone to bed pleasant rather than crabby on more than a few nights in our thirteen years.

This is me with some of the less announced blessings.


Cathie said...

Thirteen years and your mattress is still in good shape? I think they're scamming us on when we should replace them. (Incidentally, we got a king size bed because hubs tends to smack me in his sleep.)

Master P said...

Fingernail clippers. Brilliant.

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