Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reflections On The Seventh Year

To paraphrase Dory, "just keep blogging, just keep blogging..."
It's been a long year in the living and one short on commentary. Every year I vow to do better and yet, consistently, the number of posts goes down.
I really have to make more of an effort. New year, new goals and all that.
We need a theme - a goal, a method, a plan - for this here blog thing. I know, seven years in is a great time to be taking stock, but better late than never right?
I'm taking suggestions for a direction to lead the blog.
I could do cooking; I've contemplated a 'Cooking For Real People' kind of web series. How to cook good food in a tiny kitchen with less counter space than most office desks.
Or I could share how to be a Bishop's wife in The Jungle (don't tell me, bor-ing) Actually that won't work because as a bishop's wife, one doesn't know anything.
Maybe I could write about TV, or cats, or stupid people - that's a Pandora's box!
Or I could keep muddling along as I have been
BUT with a better track record!

This is me and here's to a better documented year.
This time last year: Reflections On The Sixth Year.

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Anonymous said...

You have an interesting, frank voice in your writing and you're pretty good on your blog. While themes and goals are nice they can also be limiting. Don't fence yourself in too much. Keep it fresh like it is. That said, we wouldn't might a few culinary hints from your successful background. Follow your muse. Thanks for blogging.

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