Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sorkin Appropriate

ATL and I have started watching The West Wing from the very beginning.
I've seen bits of it before, in fact watched an entire season before, but I have never watched the entire thing start to finish.
I have to take my hat off to Mr. Sorkin.
I've always known that it was a brilliantly written show, smart, funny, sharp and the man can slip a world of meaning into the single word "okay."
But the relevance of the actual politics that are referenced is blowing my mind every. single. episode.
They talk about gun control, education, privacy concerns and the NSA, the Senate and House negotiating challenges, leaks to the press; it's like it was written - very well written - last week.
And it aired fourteen years ago.
I am incredibly impressed with Mr. Sorkin's ability to see problems that were coming way down the road. The Internet was not completely invented in 1999 and yet they predict the very problems and challenges we are dealing with now; social media and cell phones and all that.
I'm wondering if we should elect Mr. Sorkin to Congress or something.

This is me and it's kind of spooky.


Master P said...

Jared rewatches this over and over and over and it's so freaky how spot on it is.

ATL said...

I would vote Sorkin for president. Or at least nominate him to my cabinet.

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