Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day 2013

As luck would have it, the theme for Academic Decathlon this year is World War I and so we are learning much about the world and the politics that created the conflict that ended today 102 years ago.
My area of "expertise" is Art and Architecture and we have been discussing war memorials. There are many, of course, that great war having taken lives from more countries and in greater numbers than ever before.
We're studying two particular memorials; The Liberty Memorial in Kansas City and the Theipval Memorial To The Missing Of The Somme in France:

Reading about the cooperation between the French and the English to remember their fallen soldiers really touched me. There is an inscription in the center of the arch, with the Stone of Remembrance, that reads:
"Their name liveth forevermore."
It's an appropriate thought for the day.

This is me remembering.

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ATL said...

One of my favorite holidays... Lest we forget.

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