Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just Passing Through

On his way home for Thanksgiving (what is with kids these days getting a whole week?! We were lucky to get Thursday & Friday both when I was in school) my baby brother passed through town and The Jungle being as fancy as it is, he got a 45 minute layover.
ATL and I dashed over to see him at the bus stop and brought the poor starving little thing a burger:

(Apparently he's also passing through from 1974...)
Okay, this inside joke is cheesy but since there are nine siblings in my family and ATL was in love with all things Greek for a while (Classic Civilizations major) we gave each of us a Greek letter. I particularly like mine and LBO's because we are the first and the last.
Alpha (me), Omicron (ATL) & Omega (LBO):

This is me and her and him as he's passing through.

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Stylishly clothed, school pride, "we bad!"

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