Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Despite Her Inadequacy

I listen to Fresh Air because it's on NPR and I'm often driving in the evening hours. I do not listen because I like Terry Gross, because I don't. She is terrible at interviewing people. Her questions are awkward and lengthy and she often tells so much of the answer in the question that the interviewer's only response is "yes, I know."
However, really cool people come on the show.
Tonight I felt really special knowing who Allie Brosh of Hyperbole And A Half was. I've read her stuff and I find her extremely intelligent and well read...(What does one call a person who writes well?) I love her cartoons and I think she's very courageous to put it all out there. It was interesting to hear her interview and think "she doesn't sound like that when I read her blog" and then by the end of the interview, wonder how I could have ever thought she sounded any other way.

This is me knowing someone cool.

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Master P said...

Awesome!!! Why were they interviewing her? Does she have something new coming out? She needs to post more NOW. Oh fine, I'll check the NPR website. Totally agree with you about Terry Gross too.

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