Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Anne Of Green Gables

Not like this is the first blog post about Anne of Green Gables, but it never gets old.
It's a sweet story, nothing overly dramatic, just a girl growing up in a simpler time. Gorgeous setting, and just enough action to suck Tarzan in despite it being a "girl movie."
I remember when it was released on TV - back in the days before cable had 1,000 channels and before DVRs and streaming and the Internet - my family and I and my friends and their families would schedule our evenings so we would be home to watch each chapter of the 4-part series.
I was so excited when I recognized parts of the dialog and when things looked on the screen like they did in my head.
*Such* a well done transference of literature to screen. Quite possibly the best one ever. I think Megan Follows was born just to play that role. I certainly don't see her as anything but Anne even when she's in other movies and shows.
ATL and I are (re)watching it this week, when Tarzan is out doing bishop things and we can't watch the recorded stuff that he wants to see too.
 The movie came out the year ATL was born and it takes me back to think of my life then and now. What was important then and now.

This is me getting nostalgic. It was a simpler time for me too.


Cathie said...

Such a good show. Now I want to watch it! Let's hope it's on Netflix.

Tarzan said...


ATL said...

Yet another reason why I should've had red hair! There comes a time when you've just got to watch it again...

Master P said...

Dude, I watched this while crouched in the corner of the living room, holding up the bunny ears and only catching half of it because the reception was so bad, but I didn't care!

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