Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's A Weekend

And here's what I supervised all day:

This has been a tough year academically, new principal at the school, lack of enthusiasm among the kids, late materials, Tarzan having a zillion things to do and it just isn't the same as past years. We're not as focused and the kids aren't as focused and it's all going to stink at the awards ceremony if today's results were any indication. We had one kid score a 1/50 on the math section.
Tarzan doesn't like math so we don't focus on math a lot - there are some schools with freaks that score perfect every year, so we never get close to that medal - but blindfolded I could do better than a 2%. Not to be vain but I really don't think he was trying very hard.
I was pleased with three of the students, not stellar results, but we can work with it and maybe get somewhere.
Of course, a team has nine students...

This is me and it's not going to be good come February

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