Thursday, November 14, 2013


I got a text message the other day from one of the previous Academic Decathlon team members. He's had a rough life but he's smart and determined and is not afraid to work hard. He got an honorable mention for Economics (a subject we didn't even cover)and a medal for his speech last year, as well as being the highest scoring member of the team.
He graduated in May and is now attending Humbolt State University.
He's not a very compassionate kid though - being male and a teenager doesn't make it more likely - and so I was surprised to hear from him. He was baking for the first time and he said that if he was lucky the brownies would come out with 1% of the awesomeness of my baking. He always was a fan of the cookies I brought.  
He sent me a picture of the finished product:

This is me and I'm so proud.

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