Friday, November 08, 2013

Yesterday's Explanation

Right. I promised you an explanation for yesterday's late post.
Here goes.
Yesterday, I got up as usual, dressed and headed out to the Home Storage Center, where I volunteer each Thursday. It opens at 9am so I left at 8:30.
Got there, opened and did the usual, except there were a few more customers than normal which meant clean-up took longer than normal which meant I left later than normal which meant I had to rush to get to school on time, because in the afternoons on Thursdays I go to Tarzan's high school and teach Art & Architecture and public speaking to the Academic Decathlon team.
That also went well, but Tarzan and I stayed later than usual after the practice was over, working on our responses and notes for an AP Literature class we were asked to speak in today regarding the opinions of one Mr. Krakauer, in an atrocious book titled, Under The Banner Of Heaven (I am NOT linking to that man or his work), about the LDS Church. (He does a deplorable job of differentiating between LDS, FLDS and RLDS.)
We stayed so late, working on our comments, that I didn't get to go home before I had to run to the store to fetch some items and be back at the Home Storage Center for the evening orientation, geared toward new Bishops and Relief Society Presidents who do not know what goes on or how to instruct people about the services provided there.
The orientation went well and when it was over we had to clean up, close up and then go home. One of the other volunteers there just got a job in North Dakota and he leaves tomorrow so we spent some time lamenting the weather choices in his new state and lapping up the 70 degrees at 9:30pm that we enjoy here in the Jungle. He won't see 70 degrees again until May.
When I finally got home, I rushed to put stuff away, cleaned up dishes, etc, and was in bed before I realized I hadn't posted yet.
You know the rest.
There aren't too many days like that now that I am no longer the Relief Society President but once in a while they still pop up and I wonder how I managed.

This is me and now you know.

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Master P said...

I'm tired just reading this. How did we manage??

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