Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maybe For The Last Time

In what will come as no surprise to most of you, we saw Wicked last night. It was just about the time we have seen the show every year for the last four years. One might think that we would know it backwards and forwards and inside out by now, and this is true. That does not in any way diminish the joy if seeing it over and over and over. And over and over. The cast had changed again, well the principles at least, and we were overjoyed to see Derrick Williams back as Fiyero. He had been with the touring company when the show first came through and compared to the actors that have followed we think he's the best. (It was a surprise at how different he was from what we remembered though. His voice was higher? Different register or something.)
Erin Mackey starred as Glinda and I really think she did well. She didn't overdo the comedic attitude and I noticed that as the show opens, she isn't completely happy that the wicked witch is dead, which I feel shows a lot about her understanding of the character. I really enjoyed her performance.
Teal Wicks was on the playbill as the lead, Elphaba, but when we got to our seats the little insert fell out that said Marcie Dodd would be playing the role that night. Having never seen Teal, I know not how good she would have been, but I thought that Marcie did an admirable job. I suppose it was on purpose, but I never like when performers or directors add in notes to songs, that weren't there previously. I really enjoyed "The Wizard and I," and Marcie's "Defying Gravity" was really, really well done. I did not get into her "No Good Deed" though which was a shame since the previous number "As Long As You're Mine" was right on. So, win some and lose some I guess.
John Rubinstein was satisfactory as the wizard. Nothing to write home about. I have been spoiled by David Garrison I suppose.
Sad to say, the one performance that really turned me off was that of JoAnne Worley as Madame Morrible. I did not like her interpretation. Not at all. It seemed very trailer park. Her speech was harsh and it didn't sound like she could sing very well. Not my cup of tea.
Briana Yacavone did a very sweet job of Nessarose. Just the right line between innocent and dictator. It worked well, and her one song was lovely.
Michael Drolet, as Boq, was better than some. He tended away from the shrill and laughable and more towards the amusing and sympathetic. Which I appreciate. So very much.
One thing I found amusing in this performance, Glinda was taller than Elphaba. That has never happened before and it made for an interesting dynamic. Nothing obvious, but it was different to see the big, dramatic figure be smaller than the lighter, comedic one.
Once again, three hours well spent. Love the show, always. The sad news is that it's leaving in September, so I may not see it again here at home. Or ever again, depending on tours and stuff. I really, REALLY, REALLY hope they make a movie and soon so that it can have the original people in it. Or, just the best people. I could help with that cast list, oh yes I could.

This is me, back from the greatest show on earth.

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