Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Timing Is Everything

As to why I haven't been here posting from my shiny new laptop lately (it's so pretty) they are multi-fold. So busy. I wonder how my life gets like this. I don't mean the usual day to day busy but this is really over scheduled! Seriously. We'll be going along fine enough with church and family and work and house stuff and repairs and what-all and all of a sudden we realize that there are four things set for the same day. Or six things spread over two days. How does this happen? Some months are definitely worse than others too. July was a nice month. Weather was great, activities kept to one a day. We got some stuff done around the house. It felt nice. August is shaping up to be horrendous. And it's not like any of these things are frivolous. Everything is VERY important.
Firstly, my parents moved. With very little notice. So we were out in The Desert two days in a row, moving things, lifting, searching for a place for them to move into. Which didn't happen, so my three siblings are all staying with Tarzan and me and my parents are staying with friends. We had to find places for the horses to stay and the cats are learning to deal. Except for the kittens that were abandoned by one of the mother cats that my sister has been feeding and two other cats that don't get along with the rest of the group at my parents. Got all that? Yeah, me too. Not their fault and nothing to be done about it, but very stressful. At some point we will have to take my brothers and sister back as well as all their stuff and the cats.
If that was not enough - we're still looking for a place - the campaign for Proposition 8 is starting up. Don't ask me how, but Tarzan and I have been signed up to be Zip Code Supervisors which means a lot of organization and outreach efforts and weekends spent walking the district and reporting in and I will do a better post about this issue because I support it and don't want to make light of it but holy cow, now is a tough time for me. There are three activities lined up for the kids at church and, being the president - after the deal with the bishop's wife in which he took her out and now I have to find a new presidency to back me up - it's really me supervising all of that.
There are ALSO cub activities I need to be sending out reminders for. I also have to go to said activities, and bring edible items.
THEN we have the roadshow in September which I should have gotten written during the blissful July that is merely a distant memory, but I didn't. So I have to get that done and we have to get that into rehearsals as well.
Gaaaaaaaaah! And here I am blogging instead of writing or mailing or whatever else it is I should be doing. Priorities peeps, priorities.

This is me, exhausted.
**Again, this post was days in the making and maybe I shouldn't have put it up at all. I don't know. But it's the reason why I haven't been here much.**

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Rocketgirl said...

Holy CRAP - how are you even breathing?? This all sounds so crazy stressful I can't believe it. ANd I TOTALLY missed the yelling-at-church incident/ What came of it all?? And don't your sibs ned to go to school at some point?!? Crazy!!!

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