Friday, August 22, 2008

You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

They're back! Nice of The Back Porch peeps to let me know they were going on vacation last week... It's not like I wait around just hoping they will put up a meme so I don't have to think of a post idea or anything. Really. I don't.
::Onesome: You find out-- all sorts of interesting stuff here on the net. How's about serving up a factoid or site link you've found lately that you are pretty sure no one but you found interesting...
  • I always look up facts about my favorite stars, be they stage or screen. For example, Stephanie J. Block is in rehearsals for a new show set to open next month here in The Jungle and I just happen to have tickets to go and see it. See her live!! Ack! So excited.

::Twosome: who your-- information sources are can be interesting: who/what are you looking to for information this political season?

  • I don't trust anything I read really. It's sad that I should be so jaded at such a young age but there you have it. I read the newspaper and I read the online news blurbs but really, they're all about themselves. What's happened to honest journalism? Reporting the news? It's all commercialism. And it's worse for the presidential race. Gadzooks. The elephant is ahead in the polls, no the donkey, no the elephant, no wait, someone's kissing someone's wife and that's it folks. Move along, nothing to see here. Who tells me what kind of presidents these will be? I think I'm voting green this year.

::Threesome: Friends are-- the people who bail you out when you need it? ...or maybe they're the ones waiting in line after you to use the phone looking for bail saying, "Man, that was fun!"? Just wonderin'...

  • A good friend of mine said this once when we were in college and I really like it. "Friends help you move. Good friends help you move bodies."

This is me, with a small but excellent set of friends.

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Rocketgirl said...

You might need some Stephanie J. Block therapy. Is there a 12 step program for musical theatre junkies?

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