Friday, February 23, 2007


Year of the Pig nothing - this is the Year of the Dentist people! OMG. I was driving home from work last night, and I know I probably shouldn't have been playing with my temporary crown but it drives me nuts - there's a little bump on the back of it which catches my cheek all the time and it's all grainy feeling and it hasn't felt too secure since it was installed - anyway and as my tongue was running around it the whole thing just popped off! Ack! So there I was trying not to run off the road and not swallow the tiny metal crown and not bite down in case that's a bad thing to do and dial the dentist's number to find out when I can get it put back on. As it turns out this is not as big a deal as it sounds. I can eat and brush and they don't have someone who can put my crown back on until Saturday...okay then. The appointment for my permanent one is on Tuesday anyway. In the meantime it feels really weird in my mouth. I checked it out in a mirror and it doesn't look like there's a gaping chasm between my last two teeth but that's how it feels! Errg. To distract myself I give you photos:
This is how small the crown actually is (that's my thumbnail):
And check out the bright spot that is the hole where it's been worn away (do you like my glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling?):


Just check this out. It's awesome.


But wait! It gets better...Tonight my sister and I are getting all dolled up and going to see:

I know we've seen it four times already but it's fantastic! Simply marvelous - and this is The Jungle's very own sit down show! I am SO excited you don't even know. Though I've seen three different actresses play Elphaba (including Eden Espinosa who is playing here in The Jungle) this will be only the second Glinda and I am really curious to see how Megan Hilty takes to the character. The Jungle Times had great things to say about them both. Check out all the info and places and whatever here. I know ALL the words to ALL the songs and it's spectacular! AND THEN I get to see it AGAIN in The Rockies in May with all the family there. Yay! Believe me. It does not get old. Each show is different and all the talent is awesome! So, so, SO excited!

This is me ack-ing!

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