Monday, August 25, 2008

I Lack The Usual Enthusiasm

Maybe the list was released earlier this time around. Maybe it's that I wasn't prepared to know, or write about it just yet. Or maybe it's just that I am not impressed with the celebrities who will be on Dancing With The Stars: Season Seven. Is that sad? Probably a little. But I just don't like or know ANY of them except the oldest soap opera star EVER. So I may root for Susan Lucci. She's dancing with Tony Dovolani, who's a gentleman all the way and she seems a classy lady.
Oh wait, no no no no nononono! I am going to root and vote for Cloris Leachman!! The woman is 82! And she's taking on a ballroom dance live show. Awesome. The only thing is whether I like Corky Ballas (seriously Mom and Dad Ballas?) who is apparently Mark's brother. This is certainly becoming a family affair.
***Editor's Note: Corky is Mark's father which is less desirable, actually, than being a brother. At least for me.***
This season is definitely Alec Mazo's best chance to advance to the finals. No matter what I think of Toni Braxton's music (and I'm not opposed to it per se) one can not deny she is young and hot. And so is Alec. That man can teach me anything he wants...
Brooke Burke I know nothing about. She seems to be a super model of some sort? And since she's dancing with Derek Hough - I don't dislike him, but he's not my favorite either (see above) - I'm sort of ambivalent in this department. We'll see what her personality looks like under pressure.
The last two women I am predisposed to dislike. (I know, judgemental and whatever, but we all do it. You know you do. How else is one to pick a book off the shelf without looking at the cover?) I'm probably wrong about Kim Kardashian - she might be really nice - but the show about her family does not portray any of them very well. She's dancing with Mark Ballas, so she'll go far. He's funny because he sings and makes faces while dancing and has a touch-and-go accent.
Whatever the media says about her, I don't really like Misty May-Treanor. Hopefully I will be proven wrong here as well, but I doubt it. The only sad part is that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is back this season but not likely to stay long because volleyball and ballroom dancing have little in common. At least posture wise.
That does for the ladies. Now show me some mens!
I think the boy band revivals have been done enough. Drew was awesome - not conceited - Joey was fun and only a little conceited. Lance Bass? There is no indication the man has any rhythm. And the "chemistry" the judges want to see? Not likely, considering Lance plays for the other team. He will be dancing with Lacey Schwimmer who is new to the show and about who I have heard nothing. More to come on my opinion.
I really want to like Rocco DiSpirito. He's young, cute, and he cooks. What's not to like? He's dancing with Karina Smirnoff who does not take any crap. Wonder if she's just hungry?
Maurice Green is an athlete. Or he was when he won two gold medals, like eight years ago. I hope he's still the fastest man in the world because I love Cheryl Burke and I really want them to do well just to stick it to Cody Linley and Julianne Hough. Come on people. Why don't you just call it the Julianne show and be done with it? Cody is on some 'tween Disney show, he's young and is going to be the heartthrob for all the screaming girls who watch the show. Julianne won't even have to dress him up and they'll vote for him. So disgusted.
Ted McGinley cuts a dashing figure. I just hope he and his new-comer partner, Inna Brayer, can figure out when to risk it and when to play it safe. People should watch previous seasons to judge the ebbs and flows of the show to know when to try something funky and when to not.
One has to give Edyta Sliwinska points for stick-to-it-ive-ness. Seven seasons of this show. So close to a trophy last time but ousted by the figure skater. Tough call I know, but still. The woman deserves a trophy already so she and Alec can go off and finally get married for crying out loud! So I hope that Jeffery Ross is more like Jason Taylor and less like Adam Corolla.
Finally, but hopefully not out quick is Warren Sapp, dancing with Kym Johnson who also gets the short end of the stick more than her fair share if one were to ask me which the producers of this show never do. Obvi. He's a football man, so he's fit but he's a defensive tackler and those boys need to be tough. He'll be able to lift her with no troubles, but can he heel lead?

This is me, with the latest list.

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just so you know, Corky is Mark's father, not his brother.

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