Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rosy Girl

I'm an aunt again!! I was a week ago, in truth, but I decided to wait for pictures because it's always better with pictures. My sister and brother-in-law - the ones who live on the Other Side Of The World - had a baby girl; little Rosy, and everyone is doing well. 8lbs 15ozs and 22in. My sister is convinced the baby will have red (curly) hair, which would be AWESOME:Because our family history has some Irish and all of us have wanted to have red hair for ourselves or for someone else. And it would be doubly awesome because Rosy and I share a name. She's way cuter than me though:

Congrats M and PIT! And little Squishy too. From all accounts he likes the "Baby."

This is me, auntie Jane.

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Renay said...

If memory serves me well (and I knew how to poke around) Squishy's photos were also a week late. But he was adorable then perhaps will lead to photos of Squishy next to the Baby?

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