Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Is The Question

It was a good speech, I will concede that. He's charismatic, personable, funny. If I wasn't so bitter and cynical about the political process of getting a president, I would probably vote for him.
It was a good speech. Idealistic. Full of promise and good ideas. I would love it if America could become the country that he spoke about. The reason why it won't be is the same reason that all presidential hopefuls have; campaigning for President and being President are two different things.
It just isn't as easy as having an idea and implementing it. Bills have to be passed through Congress and passed by a majority. This means making sure enough people will vote your way. And just because they belong to your party does not mean they will vote your way. Not without some 'discussion.' Which means handouts, kick backs, bribes, favors whatever. (Have people seen movies like Mr. Smith Goes To Washington or The American President?) By the time the bill actually gets passed, it's not even recognizable as the one that we started with.
So the speeches sound pretty and passionate and idealistic, but they don't address how.
HOW are we going to institute national health care?
HOW are we going to reverse outsourcing without destroying diplomatic relations?
HOW can we guarantee a higher level of education for all children?
HOW are we going to pay for it all? When has a President ever been able to go through the budget or financial plan "line by line" and remove programs that no longer work? Do you know how many special interest groups there are tied to those programs? I know he said to forget special interests, but how can he do that? They pay for every thing and will be the ones backing people opposed to his bills in Congress. (see above)
It is a tough predicament, and I have no answer for it. The solution has to be found within the people themselves.
If Americans actually did what he called on them to do, I would have a greater hope for the next four years. And for him as President.
If we thought of ourselves as Americans first and states, colors or special interests second; if we helped out other people; if we worked hard; if we followed the laws; if we had faith; if we stop whining; if we were united, really united; if we were kind; if we were our brother's keeper; if we did all those things we would be one step closer to the kind of America he talked about. And that would be something I could get behind. So:
HOW do we motivate the public to be the kind of citizens that we want for President?

This is me, still looking.


Anonymous said...

good points

Quinn said...

This is exactly what I've been saying. My only problem with Obama is that there is no substance to his solutions he proposes. HOW is anything to get done? Where is the money going to come from?

Minor details.

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