Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All Good Things

Well, the good news is my parents have a house now. A house to rent. A house to rent that allows horses and cats. Also it means my siblings will be going home in time for the school year to start. Good, good, all good. The not so favorable part is that we have to get up at 4am on Thursday to get ready, load the car and be on the road for the two hour drive to be there to help unload the storage unit of all the stuff that didn't fit in my car - and the furniture too - when it opens at 7am. Not a good thing for Jane. Jane does not like the early morning. And Jane does not like to do things alone. Oh sure, she does and has and will do so again but she doesn't like it. Some married chicks I know are all too happy to leave the husband at home and go hang with family or friends or even by themselves. I like Tarzan and we spend so little time together because of work and church and whatever that when I have some time I like to spend it with him. But Tarzan has developed bursitis in his elbows. (What cracks me up is he doesn't know how he did it and I am almost positive it comes from the way he sits at the computer but he swears that's not it. Well look what the Mayo clinic had to say:
  • Elbow. This type of bursitis is associated with actions requiring you to repeatedly bend and extend your elbow. You may get such an inflammation by pushing a vacuum cleaner back and forth. Throwing a baseball and swinging a tennis racket or a golf club are other examples of repeated physical activities that may lead to bursitis or tendinitis of the elbow or shoulder. Simple repeated leaning on your elbows could lead to bursitis over the tip of your elbow.
Ha. Jane is not such a silly girl after all.) But it means lifting heavy boxes will not do his elbows any good. And if he isn't lifting then he's just taking space up space in the car and we need that space. Oh boy do we. I hope we can pack with a little more efficiency than the trip here which was a little rushed but still, it's a lot of stuff. Plus four full grown people. So he stays home to put more stress on his elbows and I get to move refrigerators and books and televisions. (Whine, whine, poor Jane, pity me.) Maybe I should think about my parents who are older and less resilient having to move just as much and deal with jobs and whatever too. Plus the dealings with the new landlady who also lives on the property. Oh yes. There's a little more stress going on over there.

This is me, dealing with the early.


Rocketgirl said...

Okay, it may be only funny to me, but it gives me giggles that your parents own a horse and not a house. Those wacky people who like animals:) I'm also feeling so bad for Tarzan!! What a weirdo. I've noticed you don't do mornings... that's gonna be one looooong mornin' !

Elizabeth said...

See, you and I have so many things in common...hate hate hate early mornings...hope the moving stuff went as swimmingly as possible...

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