Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Psychologist's Dream (Weird#2)

I hadn't intended for this to be a blog about my dreams...perhaps I'm subconsciously hoping there's a psychologist out there with nothing to do other than search the Internet for crazy chicks and their strange dreams. Over here sir/madam, over here!!!

So there I was last night, or early this morning, dreaming weird stuff again:
**It's like I WAS Paul Rieser (from "Mad About You" which I haven't watched in years) though I was a designer of sorts instead of a filmmaker. Jamie (Helen Hunt's character on the same show) wanted to move to Greece (that's not so weird as I was looking at a calendar of Greece at the mall last night AND that's where I want to retire in 30 years) so we packed up all our stuff and moved to Greece. After a relatively short while, she decides she doesn't like it there and wants to come back to the States. She packs up her stuff and I stay in Greece and build a very successful practice (as evidenced by all the landscaped building models on my wall) After a number of years pass Jamie decides to move back to Greece so we move her stuff back in. There's lots of travelling in an elevator with all this moving around. After living together in Greece for a while (by "a while" I think I mean a couple of years...) we both decide to go back to the States, so we pack up all our stuff AGAIN. The final "scene" is like the closing credits of a movie or TV show because there are a few models still on the wall (apparently I don't go anywhere other than this one room) as we walk out and turn off the light. And then I woke up.**

This is me and my overactive subconscious mind.

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