Wednesday, January 31, 2007


There's good news and not so good news. The good news is that the root canal is over! Yay.

The not so good news is that my jaw is soooo sore. It's a good thing blogging is done by typing and not by talking because I won't be doing much of that today. Gah. I have a REALLY small mouth. (Just ask Tarzan!) Though it doesn't feel all that small to me the poor dentist couldn't even get his mirror into the back of my mouth without smacking my upper teeth. And of course the to-be-canaled tooth was the very last one on the left side. Everything that went in my mouth hit my upper teeth, the drill vibrated my upper jaw more than the lower. For about two hours it was all "stretch really wide now" and "big, big for me" and "don't close, keep your mouth open." Little did he know I had a cramp in my jaw and that was as wide as my jaw could go. At one point I had tears in my eyes from the stretching business. All for a nerve that's about the size of two human hairs. (Do you know how small that is? Yeah!) Cavities which seem so big in the x-rays are smaller than a drop of water. The 'files' they use are the size of Barbie toothpicks, and teeth, which seem so big when felt by the tongue are about the size of peas - smaller even.

The other good news is that the actual drilling did not hurt at all (The Gentle Dental Center is very good with the pain management) and my tooth does not hurt at all today. Just the right side of my jaw. Ooochie. Only two more appointments, one for the molding and one for the installation of the crown. That oughta be interesting. The last time I had a crown the dentist almost dislocated my jaw trying to get the mold in there. And that was for a tooth further up than this one is.

This is me glad when this is all over.

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matheson clan said...

Good Luck with the dental work! I HATE the dentist, and haven't been since USC 'cuz I'm afraid I'm going to need a root canal and can't deal. I have to get pain killers just for normal cleanings! So instead I floss obsessively, use ACT mouthwash all the time, and pray! In the end, I think I'll still need a dentist! :) So good luck!

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