Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Timing is not my thing

I think I'm allergic to work. How could I go through an entire holiday season, everyone around me sniffling and coughing their heads off (my parents, my sisters and brothers, Tarzan - who I sleep with, even my opthamologist), germs whizzing everywhere, two whole weeks with not even a hint of sickness and the day I have to back to work I get a sore throat?
In the two hour meeting I was in last night that sore throat blossomed into a lovely head cold. Yes. Thank you everyone who sneezed on me - now I am sick. Gah. All those pills and vitamins don't mean a thing if a germ has your name on it.

And I have three projects that need to go out this week and the clients are calling me with changes two hours before they want the final renderings. Don't they understand that being a genius takes time!?

Sorry, I am not in an agreeable mood right now. My head hurts and my nose hurts and my throat hurts and I want to go home to bed. Sniff. Sniff...Ah-choooo! Erg.

This is me sick.

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