Friday, January 12, 2007

Dreams and music (Weird#6)

The youth of our church in this region were performing an "international" dance (I don't know what was so international about it as the flags we were carrying were all solid colors, but whatever) in large groups with flags on, not flag poles exactly, but more like long sticks. I was in charge of our group and we were doing very well, until we dropped our flags. The other groups - still in formation - walked over our flag and kicked our sticks all over the gym floor. As we gathered all our stuff up we realized that the flags had been folded rather complexly so that they would both wave and twirl and also stay connected to the adjacent one. As we sorted it all out a speaker came to talk to us all and as we listened two of the teenagers from our group decided they wanted to braid my hair, so they took my elastic out and started to comb it. When they got to the end of the braid they realized they only had one elastic and it was at the top of the ponytail...they debated what to do until I woke up this morning.

Where do I come up with this stuff?
In other news, I have been deeply immersed in my new Josh Groban CD - Awake - and I love it. I have discovered that the artists I like best have an orchestra to back them up. Josh, of course, Kristin Chenoweth, Neil Diamond, Chicago, Reba McEntire, Frank, Dean, Anne Murray, even Yanni. Does that mean I have taste or that I can't pick an instrument so I choose them all...

This is me listening.

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Rocketgirl said...

I think it just means everything sounds better with violins involved;) Hey, with all these crazy dreams, do yo0u ever kick Tarzan?? Sounds like you might whack him with all the crazy dreams, I know I kick Jared when I dream big!

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