Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 - Bring it on!


2007 - such potential. I almost don't want to start the year yet, so I can plan it out and do it right. Goodness knows there wasn't enough time what with Christmas and family and New Year parties and football (Fight On! USC) to participate in. However "time, tide and trolley wait for no man" (name the movie and get my undying awe) and here we are, Day 2 of the new year. People are talking about three weeks from now and next month and this summer and I feel 2007 slipping away from me already. (Of course that's not necessarily a bad thing - see my new ticker above.)

It was a good holiday, albeit short. Got to hang with Rocketgirl, Socialist Man and baby Sunshine. So sad they're back in Brazil already! (I do have to take back most of my rant against the post office as the package DID arrive - just 15 days after it was supposed to...) The Christmas program at church was awesome! Got so many compliments (which I found amusing as I didn't do anything really - it was all the talent of others) The violining was superb - one lady said it was like a little piece of heaven. Another asked when they were moving into the ward. Here are some loverly pictures of us having a good time together.

Also spent some quality time with M2, PIT and almost-baby "Squishy." (That'll be a nickname to live down poor kid.) They've gone back to England now. Boo. Got to get to work on my passport and whole lotta dough for flying this year! Spent some days out in The Desert with my family. (We aren't a picture-taking people, but now that I have a digital camera (from Tarzan) maybe I'll take more - and I can post them!)

New Year's Eve was quiet, it being a Sunday and all. Kind of funny - we were watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve Show, (He has made an amazing come back.) and the power goes out at 11:40pm. Gah! It came back on at 11:56 so we saw the ball drop in Times Square but panic ensued for those 16 minutes! And then yesterday the USC vs Michigan game was beautiful! The first half was a little tense, defense battling it out, but since USC is a second half team we triumphed in the end. 32-18. Lovely way to ring in the new year.

It was SOOOOOOO hard to get up this morning for work with Tarzan laying there all warm and snuggly. He doesn't have to go back to school until next Monday. So rather than do actual work here I am blogging - notice the snazzy updates! I wonder if the counter was a tad premature what with only 2 visitors a day...(Lest you think I am a slacker I do do work, it just take a few minutes to get into the groove in the mornings.) Well...this entry is long enough already, so rest assured I am ready to take on the new year and all the groovy stuff that it has in store! 2006 was not bad, busy but productive - this year can be even better!

This is me starting 2007.


Rocketgirl said...

I fought hard for my fetus to be called "Jelly Bean," but Jared kept insisting on "Peanut." Squishy is still better than Peanut!! Although my personal fav was "swetus fetus." Oh, the things that sound great while on tour;)

Rocketgirl said...

oop! thats sweeetus fetus!

Roslyn said...

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