Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ups & Downs

As expected I guess, Life is full of the good, the bad and the ugly. Here's an abbreviated list:
  • Flowers from Tarzan (see last post) He's so good for me and to me. I'm a lucky girl.
  • Heard from Marcus and Lara (USC alumni) They want me to help them design their house. How awesome is that? Designing homes for individual families is the reason I got into architecture. I can't wait to get going on it!
  • My best friend from college - Juliann the opera star! - just started her own blog and I'm totally excited to see her posts and keep track of her career. SHE and her hubby live far away from me too (all the cool people do!) so this will totally rock for keeping in touch!
  • Got a new flat screen monitor (very schnazzy) at work AND a new laptop at home so I can play and post and design whenever I want! Optical mouse, new carrying case...yes I AM a nerd. :)


  • Saw the dentist yesterday and I have to have a root canal...I try so hard to floss and brush all the time - I wanted to get through life without a root canal. I had my wisdom teeth out. Twice. I'd hoped I'd appeased the teeth gods. Apparently not...Icky.
  • My windshield wipers are dry on the car and while I can check the oil and change a tire by myself, I don't know where the windshield wiper fluid goes. :(
  • The weather's been very dry lately and my hair is not amused. It seems the Bounce sheets don't work with the wind blowing either so my clothes are sticking to me and my hair is sticking out from my head.


  • This young punk at a developer's office that I have to deal with. The dude is SO insincere and even though he's younger than me he talks down to me like I don't know what I am doing. All too often it's clear that he DEFINITELY doesn't understand what I'm doing for him OR what HE's supposed to be doing. Grr.

I guess it's not as bad as I was thinking. It's only the root canal that really sucks...Yet another reason to love the blog, it reminds me how truly blessed my life is!

This is me up-per than I was.

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Rocketgirl said...

wait, how the heck did you have your wisdom teeth out twice?? That's whack, yo!

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