Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jungle Living - Part 3

I must have a sieve for a brain...that's all it can be. (Two posts today - I know! - don't faint.) I did not mention my encounters with live tapings of TV shows and therefore celebrities. What could I have been thinking? I'm sure I don't know. Okay so where was I? These must be before Dustin Hoffman, but after Cillian Murphy so we're at

  • 9a. For my birthday (I'm a Libra too!) Tarzan said we had to go one place before we could go to where the actual present was. (He was full of surprises this year - sneaky little devil.) So Wednesday night we went to what turned out to be a taping of a TV show - Show Me The Money and the host was none other than William Shatner. This excited Tarzan far more than myself BUT it was really cool to see how the taping of shows happens and what goes on when a show goes to commercial. This was a prototype show and as predicted on the IMDB page it didn't go very far. (That comment was not mine) As payment for going to that taping however, we received two tickets to be in the audience the next night for...
  • 9b. Dancing With The Stars! It was on a results show night (Week 6 - the week that no one got eliminated!) so we got to see all the performers, though not see all of them dance. It was really fun. Tom Bergeron is taller than I thought and it seems the judges bickering is all made up. (I know!) Again, it was really fun to see how a show goes together, especially a live show. Very exciting! Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff encored that night, Nick was back to dance an exhibition routine with his wife. Elena, Maxim, Edyta and Tony also did an exhibition dance. The musical guest that night was Lionel Ritchie - which was extremely cool.
  • 9c. When we were leaving the studio we passed Tony, with his wife and little daughter and Elena on the sidewalk. Interesting and also a little weird to see them out of their sparkly shirts acting normal.

This is me with holes in my head.

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Rocketgirl said...

Ooooo, one time I saw Penn and Teller at the Denver airport REALLY early in the morning. They looked realllly bad, worse than me for that time of day!

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