Thursday, January 25, 2007


Well THAT was interesting. I went to the dentist yesterday afternoon, dreading and yet prepared for my root canal. Turns out that the receptionist had written a date in her calendar different from the one she put on my reminder card. So they weren't scheduled to root canal me. Instead, they replaced my older fillings (which they had said they would do at a later date) with newer prettier ones and sent me home. 30 minutes. The anesthetic barely started working before I was out the door. AND they rescheduled my root canal for NEXT Tuesday so I get to think about it for another week. Yay.

I thank everyone for their suggestions regarding MC and my retaliatory options. (When suggestions were being tossed around for lunch today I threw out Daphne's and his reaction was "anywhere but that Greek place." Why, why, why, why, why?) The consensus seems to be to tell him off the next time he says anything...that and stop showering so he goes away. :D

This is me about to get stinky!

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