Monday, January 08, 2007

Tarzan love

This cold is not as bad as some I have had, but my ears are popping constantly and it's really doing a number on my throat. Tarzan spent ALL day Saturday and most of Sunday mocking my raspy, cracking voice. He kept calling me his little turkey vulture with a broken wing (he was studying for a class, photographs of Africa or something)...I'm sure there was a term of endearment in there somewhere but I was too tired to look for it.
My voice did not improve after leading the Primary children and then the entire congregation in song at church. I really hope no one could hear me because I could hear me and I missed 95% of the notes, and at least half of the words. "L..d, I ....d fo...w thee..."

Happy news: For those that requested it I republished the entry from a few weeks ago (Picture This (#2)) with larger images. Not that I see why people need large pictures of me looking weird - the small ones are more than enough, but there you go, you crazy peeps you.

This is me mending.

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