Saturday, January 27, 2007

Twisted all over (Weird#8)

Oooooo-kay....It started out with me going to church, except I went to the church building of my youth (in The Frozen North). I sat in the lobby with a bunch of little, white, paper cups, listening to a family (from this congregation) in an adjacent room; their kids came out and climbed in my lap and we walked to the gymnasium and there was a movie showing on the wall of a parade with a marching band (they were wearing navy blue so it was NOT the Trojan marching band) the drum major was walking backwards leading the band and behind him was a line of police officers keeping the crowd back until the drum major pulled a gun and started threatening the band. The police tried to grab him but he dropped the gun and ran away, so all the police followed him and the band disappeared and then I was walking in a large group of people from church including the family from earlier, the father was walking right next to me with one of his kids on his shoulders and we were talking and Tarzan came up to talk to us but I was tired of walking so I sat down to rest (we were following a dirt road through a large field of flowers) thinking I could catch up to everyone in a few minutes. When I started walking again they were far ahead of me but I hurried and followed them down the path and into a tunnel but then they all disappeared and I was trying to catch up and every tunnel we went in was smaller and narrower until I couldn't get out the end of the last one, so I started digging through the dirt. My legs, arms and head popped out the side of an airship that was flying low over a city with water running through it. (I want to think it was Seattle, but I can't say for sure) We landed on a concrete pad and I was running to see girl who was on a corner in downtown LA selling T-shirts, (which had a saying that I remembered when I woke up but I can't think of now) and she hugged me (I think I was a guy for this part though I had been me all along) and I remembered that this was just a TV show called "Witchcraft" and then I woke up...

Seriously, that psychologist had better have really good grades.

This is me kinda scared of my own dreams.

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