Thursday, December 21, 2006


I take it all back...all of it! Remember when I praised the United States Postal System? Well it's all a lie. I checked online and I checked in person and I asked random people and I got registered mail and everything and did the package arrive on time? No. It did not. 8-10 days was the promise. That was 18 days ago people...Grrrr. So now there is a box with macaroni and cheese, American baby diapers and LipSmackers floating around somewhere between The Jungle and Brazil. Will there be anyone to accept the package at the house? No. Will it be returned to me? Probably not. I hope the Portugese like A-1 sauce!!!!
Well that was a depressing post so here's a happy P.S.
I neglected to include a picture of me IN the USC Santa hat, so here you go. These are two of my five cats and they did not want to sit for the entire picture session. This was the sixth or seventh shot we tried so if they look like they are trying to escape...they are! Mikey is in my right arm and Train Wreck in in my left.

This is me trying not to be annoyed.

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