Monday, November 12, 2012

Or Maybe I Need An iPad Mini

As much as I love my iPhone - and I do, I like it a lot - it was not made for a left handed person. I had to organize all the icons the other way on the home screen because I kept hitting Twitter when I wanted Messages and texting one handed is just so irritating. I can't shift or add smileys or insert numbers...
I know - then use two hands Jane! - but when walking or sitting at an open house or trying to surreptitiously get a message out when in the middle of something else...
Plus with my trigger finger acting up I can't bend part of my hand too easily.
Maybe it's just that my fingers are too short.

This is me and I need to learn to focus I guess.

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Cathie said...

I smartphone one (left) handed with relatively few problems. Give it time.

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