Friday, November 30, 2012

Weird Dream #42

I wonder if my weird, remembered dreams come in clumps for a reason.
Last night I dreamed that the coaches from USC and Notre Dame met and - for kicks and giggles - decided to coach their respective teams to lose during the upcoming match. They bet money on who could do a better job. Whoever won the game, would not win the bet. So the teams met to play and for the first half it went fine. No one knew it was different, the teams were scoring low but it was the first half and then one team scored again and one coach thought the other one had broken the bet so he started to coach his team to win. The other coach noticed and then the bet was off except that the players found out about the bet so they didn't want to play anymore. Then there were delays of game penalties and the players were angry and fighting and then there were more penalties and then the referees found out about the bet and disqualified both teams and the fans didn't really know what to do so they were mad and there was more fighting.
Then I woke up feeling frustrated and bereft.

This is me and I really need to get my subconscious studied.


Anonymous said...

I do believe this is a dream Dr. Freud would be proud of, and wouldn't he just love to analyze the bejeezees out of it. But you would come out looking like some kind of nympho-psyco; so best not let any shrinks in on your action.
Good dream. Would make a great sitcom episode.

Master P said...

I know what most of these words are but when you put them all together like this I have no clue what's going on.

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