Saturday, November 17, 2012


I neglected to mention during my recap of the summer that my baby brother, LBO, started college this fall and had to be outfitted, packed up and shipped out. I didn't get to go with him - for the first time ever in my career as oldest child, I missed an inagural trip to college (Tarzan's parents were in town that weekend) - so I made sure to be on the receiving end of his trip home for Thanksgiving.
As he gets all of next week off, he tripped down today to avoid all the insanity of next week's traveling.
(Tarzan gets a whole week too. Why didn't I get a whole week off for Thanksgiving when I was in school? So unfair.)
He seems to be getting along well up north at school, making friends, going out, getting good grades. Even doing laundry.
The one thing he seems to have not found is a good haircut place so that's the priority when he's home next week:

This is me and our mother will be so disgusted and happy.

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Renay H. Marquez said...

He's grown up so much. Pity the little ones never stay little.

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