Saturday, November 03, 2012

Football Opinion

I haven't talked a lot about football this fall. Mostly because having missed posting in September I was so far behind as to make it almost pointless. We have watched all the USC games this season, with high hopes at the beginning, and then with a little sadness after the two losses.
Three after tonight. We played well against Oregon, made them fight for a lot of it, got a little lucky on some calls, held down the interceptions which is what killed us last week against Arizona, yet still lost.
In the post game reports on SportsCenter the commentators were rehashing the games of the day - as they are wont to do - and the Alabama and LSU game came up. I was happy for 'Bama - Roll Tide! - but it was a little mean to sit the LSU coach down and after asking all the questions about what his team did well and how he's going to get them prepared for the next game to make him recite what the other team did well.
Bad enough the guy lost, he has to critique the team that beat him?

This is me, and that's a little salt in the wound.

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Elizabeth said...

Haha, I missed that, but my goodness it was a heart attack ending...I was on my knees two minutes to the ending praying for a miracle and we got it!!

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