Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Life Beyond #3

These houses that I show are not always well laid out - this one has three wings and you can't get between them without going out to the front foyer and taking a different path, like it's a maze or something - but they are always extravagantly arranged and decorated:
I can't imagine what I would use the room for. None of my friends would feel quite right sitting on the chairs and I know *I* wouldn't. I'd be too afraid of dropping a hair or something.

This is me and I wouldn't want to have to dust it.


Cathie said...

Psh. ALL of my rooms have stained glass ceilings. :P

Elizabeth said...

I kinda like it...but no bueno on the white couches! I have a white slipcover on one of mine, and the only reason why it's still there is because I am too cheap to replace it with something that doesn't show how dirty we humans really are. But I am a big fan of the fireplace...or is it a cave??

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