Saturday, November 24, 2012

Last Regulation Game

It has been a tough season for USC.
Ending of the stupid sanctions, wondering if Matt Barkley coming back or going pro, the promising start and then we lost to Stanford - but they're a good team this year - and things were looking up after the four wins in a row and but then the whole Oregon, UCLA thing happened and we weren't looking good.
I was amused by the article in the paper this morning, and by a sports writer who typically hates USC, but it gave me great hope for the final game of the season. I know, Notre Dame was ranked #1 in the nation but crazier things have happened in college football.
However, it was not to be, and during this game and others this year, I really have to wonder what our coach is thinking. I have tried to be supportive of Lane Kiffin, taking over after Pete bailed, but there have been some play calls I just do not get. Not as well executed as it could have been.
Max Wittek did a really good job, considering, but two interceptions, and a bunch of receivers who can't hold on to the ball just didn't get it done.
So sad.

This is me and it wasn't all I wanted for Matt's Barkley last season.

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