Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weird Dream #41

I am not sure where it all came from this time but it was a long, plodding dream last night.
We - me, Tarzan, Stingy and a lot of other family - were on a road trip. A long road trip. I don't know where we were going but we were well packed and looking at pictures the whole way. We stopped a lot of times for snacks and for bathroom breaks and then on one stop Tarzan got caught up in a courtroom case, defending a teenager who wasn't getting good representation from his lawyer. But the opposing council kept asking double negative questions and Tarzan didn't answer them correctly so the trial kept getting longer and we were trying to get back on the road and I wasn't leaving without him but the case just wasn't going well and I was torn between everything.
Plus the van needed gas.

This is me and it took a lot of effort just to dream it.


Cathie said...

I dreamt last night that Jim Caviezel was following me around, trying to kill me! Not very restful.

Master P said...

I seriously had a dream about having a bad night's sleep. I was so annoyed.

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