Tuesday, October 07, 2008

There Is A Distinct Difference

This has got to be one of the best and also annoying weeks in the competition. Best because the jive is awesome - LOVE the skirts AND the music - and I want to love the waltz too, it's so romantic and gentle but this is annoying because it's my same old complaint:
The Viennese Waltz is in closed position all the time. It's fast and therefore there is not enough time for promenades and turns. It isn't a competition dance. Ever. What they perform on the show is an American Smooth Waltz. (Do not even get me started on the mix of International and American Style dances they are doing.)
But some of the competitors did their American Smooth Waltz very nicely.
I really wanted to like Rocco's waltz - especially with the blindfold training - and it was cute, but he missed some footwork and not as much content as others. Not as elegant as I want him to be.
Warren is the unexpected competitor in this race. He's really light on his feet and his musicality is remarkable.
What the heck was that music for Toni and Alec? It started out with real Viennese waltz music and then got weird. And she didn't do the standing on her head thing.
Brooke is, and was, just lovely. And it was a decent waltz song. That's a rarity.
In the jive department:
Maurice's jive was so cute.
Cody was the more reserved one in their jive; Julianne was the one who was wild and uncontrolled - and what was with the air guitar?
OMG - what was Cloris was doing? It started out okay, cute even, but it kind of fell apart in the middle and the end was just...I don't even know.
That's a sad thing for Misty - and the Achilles tendon is a big thing to have pop. One of the guys I worked with ruptured his and he chose not to have surgery and wore a cast for six weeks and then had a cane for six more.

This is me, with week 3 of season 7.

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Rocketgirl said...

What's the story on Misty?? I saw a bit about the foot - what's going to happen? Por thing - all that sports stuff and she uses that bod - I mean, if I had an injury like that, mildly annoying since I don't do anything remotely physical ever. But her? I can't imagine!

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